This Lion Loses His Brother — Their Reunion is Priceless! | The Rainforest Site Blog

This Lion Loses His Brother — Their Reunion is Priceless! | The Rainforest Site Blog.

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Oliver The broken Bear, Free After 30 Years In A Bear Bile Farm In China

so very important

One Person, One World.

Oliver The Broken Bear:

Oliver was one of 10 bears rescued from a bear bile farm in Shandong province, China. 33 years old, he had spent 30 of those in this cage, with a heavy metal jacket and daily painful bile extractions… img_album_oliver_002 img_album_oliver_001

Oliver the brown bear have a stunted body, arthritis and mobility problems. His stiff old limbs can never extend normally like a healthy bear. He has compressed lungs from wearing a full metal jacket so tightly around his chest for decades on the farm, and an enlarged heart as a result of it working harder throughout these years. His teeth are broken , and an eye with lens luxation which made him blind and causing him pain, so it had to be removed by surgery. img_album_oliver_003

When Animal Asia rescued him they were very concerned about the state of him. His long, misshapen body was flat to the bottom of his…

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This Just In: Twins ResQte™

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Friday Haiku: On Hop of the World

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I  may be Canadian but I love my American brothers and sisters… Romny will represent his “kind” if elected…ie:  those who have “extracted” millions from society by USURY,EXPLOITATION,LIES,THEFT, FRAUD, DECEIT, and all the other tools sociopaths use to enrich themselves and their progeny…you may think that his “irresponsible freeloaders” tripe may hold some merit….but , make no mistake; unless you belong to his very exclusive club; he is refrencing YOU…all the hard working folks who EARN their income the honest way…for the love of humanity, do not vote for this man…..God bless America and all the” good” people who call themselves Americans.

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for animals sake

our domestic warm blooded animals can feel and express love,compassion,loyalty and kindness…they are the most exploited and abused (severely) sentient beings on the planet…yet they have no voice…please be one for them whenever you can…there are far too many humans on this planet…as animal species become extinct we multiply..2mnyHmns…..Ivica

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