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This Just In: Twins ResQte™

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According to the Mail Online, these identical twin sisters, one abandoned by her mother and one lost stray from her, er, anyway whatever, were miraculously reunited! One is Kitty and one is Buttons but we can’t…

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Friday Haiku: On Hop of the World

Originally posted on Cute Overload:
Ribbiting peeper Amphibian bug zapper Or enchanted prince Brian G. says this is a Dendropsophus ebraccatus. Or, hourglass tree frog!

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I  may be Canadian but I love my American brothers and sisters……mr. Romny will represent his “kind” if elected…ie:  those who have “extracted” millions from society by USURY,EXPLOITATION,LIES,THEFT, FRAUD, DECEIT, and all the other tools sociopaths use to enrich themselves … Continue reading

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